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List of signature systems and approved electronic certificates

AC Abogacía

  • Bar Members’ Recognised Corporate Certificates
  • Recognised Corporate Certificates of the Bar Associations’ Administrative Staff.
  • Recognised Corporate Certificates of a Legal Entity.

ANCERT - Notarial Certification Agency

  • Personal Notarial Certificates
  • Personal Notarial Certificates of Personal Representation
  • Corporate Notarial Certificates
  • Certificates for Employees
  • Corporate Certificates of Corporations of Public Law.
  • FEREN (Notarial Recognised Electronic Signature) Certificates
  • Corporate Notarial Certificates of Representation


  • Class 2 Certificates for Legal Entities.
  • Class 2 Certificates for Individuals

Autoritat de Certificació de la Comunitat Valenciana – ACCV

  • Recognised Certificates in software support for citizens
  • Recognised Certificates of Entity
  • Recognised Certificates in safe device for citizens


  • Recognised Certificates of Banesto


  • Chamber Certificate of Legal Entity.
  • Chamber Certificate of Representative.
  • Camerfirma Certificate e-Invoice
  • Chamber Certificate of Individual belonging to a Company/Entity.
  • Chamber Certificate of Individual with special power of attorney.


  • idCAT

CERES The Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT-RCM)

  • FNMT-RCM Certification Services
    The distinctive name of the Certification Authority of the FNMT-RCM is: ou=FNMT Class 2 CA, o=FNMT, c=ES


  • CA CICCP Class 3 Recognised Certificates

Directorate General of the Police and of the Guardia Civil - National Police Corps

  • Electronic National ID


  • Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe centralised device for Electronic Invoice and Certified Storage
  • Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe centralised device
  • Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe Smart Card device
  • Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on software support

Firmaprofesional, S.A.

  • Legal Entity Certificates
  • Mobile Signature Certificates
  • Bar Member Certificates
  • Affiliated Person Certificates
  • Electronic Invoice Certificates

Izenpe, S.A

  • Certificate of Public Entity Staff
  • Citizen Certificate
  • Entity Certificate
  • Certificate of Belonging to an Entity
  • Certificate of being Insured by the Euskadi Health System
  • Certificate of Entity without a legal status
  • Certificate of Administrative Body
  • Recognised Corporate Certificate


  • Recognised Certificates of Registrar
  • Recognised Certificates for Registrar Procedures
  • Personal Recognised Certificates
  • Recognised Certificates for Professionals
  • Recognised Certificates of Administrative Position
  • Recognised Certificates of Local Administration
  • Recognised Certificates of a Legal Entity’s Representative.