Reloj Official date and time:
21/10/2021 03:12:47

Identification of the Website

Characteristics of ADIF’s Website

1. All the actions, procedure and services that require the authentication of citizens or of ADIF in its relations with them by electronic means will be carried out through the website, as well as those other which are included in the website to provide services to citizens for effectiveness and quality reasons.

2. The electronic address of the website will be:


3. ADIF will be the owner of the website.

4. The technological management of the website will correspond to the Information Systems Directorate.

5. The holders of the ADIF competent internal bodies in the exercise of their respective functions will be responsible for the management and for the services put at the disposal of the citizens in the website.

6. They will be access channels to the services available in the website:

  • a) For electronic management, through Internet, with the characteristics defined in this Resolution.
  • b) For the on-site management, directly through the General Registry that ADIF has at the citizens’ disposal in its central offices located in Calle Sor Ángela de la Cruz, 3-7ª Planta, 28020 Madrid.
  • c) For telephone assistance, ADIF’s information services referenced in ADIF’s online Portal