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General Information

The state-owned company Railway Infrastructure Management (ADIF) is a public institution as defined in Article 43.1.b) of the General State Administration Organisation and Operation Law 6/1997 of 14 April, and is attached to the Ministry of Public Works through the General Secretariat for Infrastructures. Possessing an own legal status with full powers to pursue its own ends and manage its assets, it is governed by that which is stated in the Railway Law 39/2003 of 17 November and the Government Organisation and Operation Law 6/1997 of 14 April, in the regulations developing both of these, in the present Statute, in budgetary legislation and all other applicable regulations. In the absence of these regulations, it is subject to the private legal system.


ADIF is also subject to that which is provided for in the Public Administration and Common Administrative Procedure Law 30/1992 of 26 November when exercising administrative powers and with respect to the policy formation of its bodies.


When exercising its functions, ADIF will act in self-management, within the limits set by the in the Railway Law, in the present Statute and all other applicable regulations, and in any case taking into account public interest guarantee, satisfaction of social needs with the maximum quality, users’s safety and global effectiveness of the railway system.


For this reason, ADIF is subject to Law 11/2007, of 22 June, of Electronic Access of Citizens to Public Services, that guarantees the rights of citizens to interact with the Public Administration by electronic means. On the one hand, for the Administrations, citizens become the most important part of their servise provision strategy. On the other hand, citizens may see the Administrations as more uniform, accessible bodies oriented to satisfying their needs.


In accordance with the aforementioned Law, electronic applications and information systems used will allow for the instruction by electronic means of the procedures and will gusrantee the ordered processing of records and facilitate the simplifaction and advertisement of procedures, in such a way that it will allow citizens, in a simple way, to have access to the information and services of their competence, submit applications and recourses and carry out procedures or access notifications and notices submitted to them by ADIF.


For these purposes and according to article 10 of Law 11/2007,of 22 June, of Citizens’ Electronic Access to Public Services, ADIF’s website has been created, which is a virtual office through which citizens have access to the on-line updated information and services that the Railway Infrastructure Management puts at their disposal in Internet in order to provide citizens with their right to interact with the Administration through electronic means, as set in the aforementioned Law.


Finally, it must be mentioned that ADIF is working on the continuous improvement of service provision to citizens. It is for this reason that different individualised procedures are being added successively to this website.

  • Resolution of 2010 of 2 June,
    of the President of the Railway Infrastructure Management of Electronic Website creation. (717 Kb. pdf)
  • Resolution of 24 November 2010,
    of the Railway Infrastructure Management (ADIF), creating the Electronic Registry of the Railway Infrastructure Management (ADIF). (177Kb. pdf)