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What is the electronic signature?


¿What should mi browser configuration be to be able to use my certificate in ADIF’s Portal?

In order to use your digital certificate your browser must be able to run JavaScript and client components (ActiveX or Applet).

Can I have more than one certificate?

There is no problem in having more than one certificate in your computer, at the right time you will be asked which certificate you wish to use.

Can I protect my certificate in the browser?

Yes, there are two ways with which you can protect your certificate. The first consists in storing the certificate on a cryptographic card (the electronic DNI certificate will be stored in one). The other consists in storing the certificate in the browser protected with a password by specifying it during its installation.

Can I use my certificate installed in another computer?

Yes, if you have stored the certificate on a cryptographic card, you only need to insert the card in another computer. If the certificate is stored in the browser, you need to export the certificate to a file and then import the certificate in the new computer’s browser.

Which certificates are approved in ADIF’s Portal?

ADIF’s Portal only approves the following certificates from electronic signature service providers, in alphabetical order:

  • AC Abogacía
    Bar Members’ Recognised Corporate Certificates Recognised Corporate Certificates of the Bar Associations’ Administrative Staff. Recognised Corporate Certificates of a Legal Entity.
  • ANCERT - Notarial Certification Agency
    Personal Notarial Certificates Personal Notarial Certificates of Personal Representation Corporate Notarial Certificates Certificates for Employees Corporate Certificates of Corporations of Public Law. FEREN (Notarial Recognised Electronic Signature) Certificates Corporate Notarial Certificates of Representation
  • ANF AC
    Class 2 Certificates for Legal Entities. Class 2 Certificates for Individuals
  • Autoritat de Certificació de la Comunitat Valenciana – ACCV
    Recognised Certificates in software support for citizens Recognised Certificates of Entity Recognised Certificates in safe device for citizens
    Recognised Certificates of Banesto
    Chamber Certificate of Legal Entity. Chamber Certificate of Representative. Camerfirma Certificate e-Invoice Chamber Certificate of Individual belonging to a Company/Entity. Chamber Certificate of Individual with special power of attorney.
  • CATCert
  • CERES The Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT-RCM)
    FNMT-RCM Certification Services. The distinctive name of the Certification Authority of the FNMT-RCM is: ou=FNMT Class 2 CA, o=FNMT, c=ES
    CA CICCP Class 3 Recognised Certificates
  • Directorate General of the Police and of the Guardia Civil - National Police Corps
    Electronic DNI
    Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe centralised device for Electronic Invoice and Certified Storage. Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe centralised device. Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on a safe Smart Card device. Recognised Certificate issuance service of signature on software support.
  • Firmaprofesional, S.A.
    Legal Entity Certificates Mobile Signature Certificates Bar Member Certificates Affiliated Person Certificates Electronic Invoice Certificates
  • Izenpe, S.A
    Certificate of Public Entity Staff Citizen Certificate Entity Certificate Certificate of Belonging to an Entity Certificate of being Insured by the Euskadi Health System Certificate of Entity without a legal status Certificate of Administrative Body Recognised Corporate Certificate
    Recognised Certificates of Registrar Recognised Certificates for Registrar Procedures Personal Recognised Certificates Recognised Certificates for Professionals Recognised Certificates of Administrative Position Recognised Certificates of Local Administration Recognised Certificates of a Legal Entity’s Representative.