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Basic Navigation Guide

How do I start a new procedure?

From the Website you can start a new procedure electronically or download the correspondinf pdf form so you can fill it in, print it and submit it in person in a physical registry.

I want to start my procedure electronically

In order to start a procedure electronically through Website’s services, first you will need an electronic certificate.

  • I do not have an electronic certificate
    If you do not have an electronic certificate, visit the help section on electronic signatures and certificates in order to find out how to obtain one and know the list of certificates admitted by ADIF.
  • I do have an electronic certificate
    If you do have an electronic certificate, start your procedure from the Website’s home page by accessing Start new procedure. Access the wanted procedure. If it is the first time you acces an application of ADIF’s website from your computer, a Java Applet will automatically download and install on your computer so that you may carry out all the identification and signature processes. When you have completed this step, follow the application’s instructions to formalise the request. When you finish the procedure, you will obtain a pdf document.

How do I consult my procedures in the Website?

You may consult the started procedures.

  • I want to consult my started procedures
    In order to check your procedures, access the Consult procedures section in the Website’s home page. Before accessing the application, you will be asked to have an electronic certificate (if you have any doubts on the use of the electronic certificate, visit the help section on electronic signatures and certificates). Once the certificate has been validated, you will access a screen which will show all the procedures started to date in ADIF’s Website. In addition, from here you can access the original pdf document.
  • Who can consult their procedures?
    Consultation of your procedures is a nominal management process, that is, only the same citizen who started the procedure by authenticating himself with his corresponding electronic certificate can execute it or, if applicable, his representative (if it was the representative who started the provcedure).